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Creating long lasting memories wtih art and making people feel special and beautiful is always the goal. Alannah ultimately helps you check off that bucket list! Whether you want to learn to dance, be body painted into a superhero or creature, meet Queen Elsa, learn to do your own makeup or be more creative--- Alannah can make those visions a reality.

Entertainers are so unusually unique; not everyone is equipped to make people laugh, become an actress/impersonator, handle 20 or more children simultaneously, perform in front of 1,000 people, do graphic design, sing, dance, write music or paint masterpieces. Alannah is one of those divinely different individuals, that can do all of those things and more. Artists are inspiring and refreshing; a rather needed combination in our day to day lives.

The most rewarding part of what she does is the reaction; making people tear with joy from seeing a painting or doing their makeup, watching a child take on the personalities of characters they are painted as, or receiving a hug because someone was so touched by a show or work of art. Color represents emotionality and each piece Alannah creates is customized with a persons’ personality, apparel, mood, or theme in mind.  Creating art that is tangible and non-tangible, yet still leaving the same impact on a person for years to come is very special. Alannah feels her divine path is simply to make people happy.

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Glitter Tattoos

Semi Permanent Glitter Tattoos for your guests at events

Alannah Mason is a true Renaissance woman!

A wild and profoundly diversified set of skills that deviates far beyond expectations.

Alannah is an artist that is fueled by an unstoppable creative force with an eclectic set of services. 

Anything you can imagine can be created.

Alannah has over 10yrs of experience making events more memorable and creative using telegrams, impersonations, makeup, sculptures, digital designs, caricatures, classes, custom artwork, auctions, body painting, airbrushing, face painting, portraiture, balloons, glow-in-the-dark art, henna, glitter and flash tattoos, hair styling, nail artistry, dance performances, theme collaboration and enthusiasm.

Art is all around you, inside you, and sometimes you need someone,

like Alannah to bring it to a new visible form.


Anything you desire can be brought to fruition

Dream Big!

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