Painting on walls, cars, clothes, helmets, furniture and canvas! 
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Assorted painting collection below:
Comic-Con paintings
Ordered portraits 
Contest pieces
Sports fan art
Pencil sketch of Frank Sinatra 8x11
Dripped Portrait 30x30
Mexican family portrait
Pink abstract published in NY
Bare Essentials 16x20
Caricature on 16x20" canvas
Britney panel portrait
Marilyn Monroe panel portrait
Pencil sketch of Lenny Kravitz
16x20" Bieber Portrait from '12
Winnie the Pooh bear marker sketch
16x20 Poison Ivy
24x36" Joker
24x36" Deadpool & Harley
Batman on 16x20" canvas
Superman on 16x20" canvas
2x3ft portrait of a figure skater
Roman Palace for Eagle Waters 36x48
Rome 40x40
Ontario collage 2x3ft
Great Lakes
Finding the calm among the storm 3x4
David Crosby 4x5ft
Nude 18x24
Marilyn Monroe
16x20 Paris inspired art
Tropical Abstract
Brazilia 2x3ft
Christina Aguleria Portrait 16x16
Abstract 3x4ft published in NY
New York Cityscape 3x4ft
Assyrian Temple 3x4ft
1953 Chevrolet pencil sketch 11x14
Nude published in the UK 16x20
Pencil sketch 12x16
Curves series 16x20
Mermaid 16x20
Pencil sketch 11x14
Sisters 2x3ft
Bull 12x16
Darth Vader 12x16
Asian influence 3x4ft
Rainbow Zebra 18x24
King of the Jungle 2x3ft
Rainbow Frog 18x24
German castle 5x6ft
Hypnotic stripes 4x5ft
Hand painted using quality pigments by Liquitex, Artisan & Golden for rich lustrous heavy body color.
All artwork ordered on canvas is primed with gesso and stretched on a 2" wooden frame to be hung on the wall. Once completed it is sealed with a durable waterproofing spray with a satin finish to last a lifetime. 
All art increases in value over time.

Prices are based on size and materials

Give a budget and your masterpiece can be customized 

Worldwide Shipping available
Additional charges apply 
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Ontario collage 2x3ft