Digital Business Graphics 

Graphic Design 911
Need help conceptualizing a logo?
Do you need help with business cards, colors or editing? 
Alannah can sketch out some concepts for you or mock up some digital references to choose from
Help is on the way!
 The Process
*Conceptualizing begins verbally to get an understanding of what you desire
*Over a dozen concepts are sketched within the 1st hour
*Choose 1-3 to have rendered digitally
*Revisions and digital work starts at $60/hr
* Final graphic is provided in 300 dpi high quality commercial printing format
* This scale permits each customer to enlarge their graphic for large banners, wraps, signage etc
*Business cards, letterheads, favicons, logo stamps and thumbnails are provided
*Quote can be provided with the scale of the project
Alannah has over 10 years of experience providing digital graphic art
Gallery of Alannah's designs



company logos and graphic designs

Gallery of her designs

Zen Home Balancing logo by Alannah
Entertainment Business logo
Tattoo Shop Business Logo
Hair Salon Logo by Alannah Mason
Reflexology Business Logo
Art Gallery Business Logo
YPree app logo
Clown Entertainment Business Logo
Entertainment Logo
Hair Salon Business Logo
WTCC Logo Design
Auto Shop Business Logo
Cleaning Company
Beauty & Fitness Brand on IG
Photographer Stamp
Stonemason Business Logo

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