Professional Makeup Application

Makeup for all occasions!


Makeup Tutorials 

If you are not confident doing your own makeup everyday, why not have a makeup artist show you how? Plenty easy to use techniques provided within a one hour demonstration. Have the artist come to you or you can go to her. Great for men & women. 
















Bridal Makeup

Choose from timeless Arabian makeup, a soft & subtle look or full on bridal glamour with lash extensions. Enhance your features to make you magically memorably on your Wedding Day. Feel free to supply an image for a desired look. Bridal Makeup Trials are also available for your convenience. Send an email to inquire about pricing and availability. 

Avant Garde Makeup

This is more elaborate and extreme makeup. Glam & gore transformational head shots. Great for fashion shows, special events and photo shoots for dramatic fashion looks. Personal or commercial shoots available. False lashes, airbrushing texture, feathers, fabric, body glue, foam, prosthetics, glitter, candy and rhinestones can be used for your desired look. 


There are classes for makeup, airbrushing, painting on canvas and body art. Workshops are great for groups of people interested in learning more about makeup application, tools and techniques. Commonly requested in Theatrical Art Schools, High Schools, and by entrepreneurial artists or people that just want to brush up their skills. Classroom demonstrations provided with models if requested for face/body painting instruction. Can also be done in the comfort of your own home. Class minimum of 5 people. 

Henna Artistry

Henna can be added on your Wedding day to match the lace trim on your gown or to make it look like you are wearing jewelry or gloves. Henna can also be added to glassware, or to simply accessorize your guests at your next event. A book of designs is available to choose from, for either your hands, feet, legs and/or arms. Henna is most commonly white and black, but red, blue and yellow pigments are also availabe to chose from. 

Face Painting 

Face art transformation gives you the ability to morph into a creature, an elder, a heroic figure, something comical, mythical or magical. Face Artistry services are charged hourly for children and adult party entertainment packages. Tattoos and logos can be created on the body for guests that do not want face art. References are provided for guests to choose their own design, or simply google anything you want done. Its all water based FDA approved theatre paint, which is easy to remove with water, just like makeup.


Common party themes are Carnival, Hawaiian, Morrocan, disco, Caribbean, Mardi-gras, glow in the dark, Cinco de Mayo, Superhero themed. For suggestions, send an email. 

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