The Process

Body Canvassing is a once in a lifetime opportunity
  Prices start at $300 and can range up to $3,000 per event depending on personal or commercial use, the amount of models, the complexity of design, the materials needed, and the number of hours the artist(s) is needed live on location until the photographer has captured the right look

A theme or concept is decided upon then a sketch is made by the artist.

There is alot of freedom and flexibilty with the creative concept; it is meant to be thrilling and always incorporate the client's personality.

Most uses for body painting:

Fashion Shows

Corporate Branding

Promotional Events


Corporate Events

Human Statues

Baby Belly Art

Private Parties

Nightclub Entertainment

Trade Shows


Photo Shoots

Modeling Portfolios

Gift for your lover

Body Art is a great form of self expression by utilizing flesh as canvas. It is designed to unleash your inner warrior, vixen or alter ego. Everyone has one so why not just have fun with it?​

Travel and accomodations are at the expense of the client for projects that are over 50km away or are a several day process. 



During a Body Art Project after the sketched concept has been finalized  its transferred to the body within a couple hours. Time varies between projects based on the amount of coverage and detail. On average a photo shoot is about two hours.

Common painting regions:


Face & Chest

Belly only

Full Body

An ultimate complete creation is created by doing the makeup, hair and finger nail designs for all models if necessary. Props are supplied to truly have the model mold into their character.

Tribal designs, jewelry, back pieces and sleeve tattoos can be painted for a shoot as well, or for you to determine if you actually want something tatooed. Feathers,glitter, pearls, fabric, head pieces and rhinestones can be used as well.

All images are electronically transferred after being edited in high res format. 3 prints of your favourite are included. 

Email for a quote



 Theatrical revolutionized Face & Body Paint by Wolfe FX, which is designed to be safe and gentle on the skin.  Paradise Mehron Makeup is used as well, which has no animal by-products or chemicals, it Is made from Mika, which is a naturally oxidized stone from Bella Pierre Cosmetics.

​Paradise is also a unique blend of aloe and chamomile, glycerin, avocado oil and cocoa butter. The smell is so good it makes you want to eat it!

Wolfe produces such rich color, coverage, and quality. It blends easily, drys quickly and you can even touch it without having it rub off. It also washes off easily without any special removers. Its completely water based and does not stain the skin. The black is the only color with beeswax so it requires a much more of a vigorous wash and exfoliation. 

Most paint is applied with a sponge and brush however some is also sprayed on with an air brush. Pro-Air is the brand

For Fashion Shows or events where you will require to wear the paint longer is sealed with a Professional Makeup Water Resistant Spray by Ben Nye, which is safely designed even for the face and smells like mint. 


"At first I was nervous, I had never done it before. I felt so comfortable after I was painted because I felt like I was wearing clothes! I even sauggested to go to the bar like that!"

Crystal Troop - Nurse

"I love getting body painted! Alannah has painted me three times already and I am doing my fourth one this week. I am so excited!" 

Mimoza Hutton- Personal Fitness Trainer

"I was reluctant at first because I did not consider myself to be a 'perfect model'. I trusted Alannah's work and was open to the idea, but was nervous about how she was going to shoot me. She ended up painted me as I comfortably laid on the floor. She created a Nightclub flyer for a Promoter in Jamaica on me. I got to wear a wig and I had so much fun! I ended up doing it again because I loved it so much and Alannah painted my back this time and even put me in her calendar. I felt so beautiful."

Ashley Bee - Artist

"I was able to watch in the mirror and see what Alannah was doing the whole time and I just couldn't believe how good she was."

Amy Sarah- Bartender

"Alannah taught me art in class a long time ago and has painted me twice. Both times I won the contest for best costume. She is awesome."

Justin Atkins- Art Student


"I love being body painted! It is so much fun and it feels great. I have been painted by Alannah about 4x now and I cant wait to do it again for the next calendar!"

Pearl Steel- Dance Instructor


"Being body painted was always on my bucket list. I am so glad I got to do it and twice in one week, nothing tops that. I had so much fun! Thank you!"

Autumn Brown-Dietary Care Aid 

"I had never met Alannah before or been painted before. She did my hair, makeup and made me into a matador. It was AMAZING!!! I couldnt believe it was me. I looked great, loved my new look. I was very grateful, baked her some pastries to say thank you. Alannah is very good at what she does."

Alanna Bettridge- Chef

"I love her work and try to have her come out to every event I host. Everyone loves her and she is multi-talented, reliable and fun."

J. Pedler- Restaurant Owner & Realtor


"Alannah is awesome, I love her art. She was so much fun to work with and I love how she created me into a warrior woman."

Jill Morgan- Dance Teacher & Performer


"I am a master of disguises professionally and love knowing that Alannah can morph me into crazy things that I see at trade shows. She is awesome to have around at Halloween."

Jared Maranta- Entertainer


"Without you our events would suffer. Staff walk into your class with no artistic background or experience, then walk out painting like a pro in just a few short hours. I don't know how you do it. We have used your services for about 4yrs now, thank you. You are great."

Stacey Koch-The Record Newspaper



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